The Healthiest Way to Have Your Coffee

May 17, 2021

We had a little trouble writing the headline for this post.

We started with, "What's the Best Way to Make Your Coffee," and realized that question was pre-loaded with personal prerogatives.

A better way to get to the point: What's the healthiest way to make your coffee? Maybe that's the best tasting, too - but that's personal.

OK, so what about an answer to the healthiest-way question?

According to the tastemakers at Eat This, Not That!, the healthiest way to make your coffee is simple and straight, black.

If you just have to add something, go low on the fat, and even lower on sugary components like syrups.

High-fat and high-sugar add-ons can undermine the overwhelming health benefits of drinking your daily dose of Humblemaker brew, benefits that include weight loss, improved cognitive function, and longer life.

Head on over to Eat This, Not That!, to read their full take.