Can Coffee Make You Live Longer?

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Can Coffee Make You Live Longer?

How 2-3 cups of coffee per day are healthy

Researchers found that drinking coffee - specifically, two to three cups a day is associated with lower rates of heart disease & dangerous rhythms. Plus, results in longer life spans. This finding held true for both people without cardiovascular illness and those who had a previous diagnosis. It suggests coffee may protect against new or worse conditions too!

Although some people worry that drinking coffee could trigger or worsen some heart issues, the data suggest otherwise. Coffee should be included in a healthy diet.

The researchers found no link between daily intake and bad outcomes, such as death from cardiovascular causes. But instead, even modest amounts of coffee were associated with benefits!

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The researchers studied whether coffee drinking was linked to heart rhythm problems and cardiovascular diseases such as coronary artery disease and stroke. To do that, they used data from 500 000 people who were part of a long study that followed them for 10 years.

They found no correlation, and the number of cups per day didn't seem to matter.

However, they found significant reductions in cardiovascular risks among those who drank coffee. Even after controlling for exercise, alcohol, smoking, diabetes, and high blood pressure, which could also play a role in heart health and longevity.

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The first study they did, explored whether coffee drinking was associated with heart disease. In the study, they looked at 382,535 individuals without heart disease.

They found an association between two to three cups per day and lower rates of developing coronary artery disorder, heart failure, arrhythmia, or death from any cause. The researchers found that the risk of stroke or heart-related death was lowest among people who drank one cup per day.

Even though those who drank only one cup of coffee had a 20% lower risk of dying of stroke or heart problems, the maximum benefit was strongest for those who drank 2-3 cups daily.

They also observed a U-shaped relationship with coffee intake and new heart rhythm problems.

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In a second study of 34 279 people with cardiovascular disease, the researchers found that drinking two to three cups of coffee per day was associated with lower odds of death compared to those who drank no coffee. This association is even true for those with Atrial Fibrillation or flutter. Among those with Atrial Fibrillation they discovered they are almost 20% less likely to die if they drink one cup a day compared to those who drank no coffee.

In a third study, the researchers looked at whether there were any differences in the relationship between coffee drinking and cardiovascular disease depending on what kind of brew it was. Again, they found that two to three cups per day is associated with lower risks of arrhythmia, blockages within your heart's arteries, or stroke/heart failure. And that was regardless if you opt for ground or instant coffee.

The study found lower death rates across all coffee types.

But an exception was decaf, which did not have favorable effects against incident arrhythmia. But it still reduced cardiovascular disease. Researchers said this suggests caffeinated coffees are preferable overall, and there is no benefit to choosing decaf if you want a safer drink!

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Since coffee has many health benefits like reducing mortality rates and the risks of cardiovascular disease. Coffee drinkers should feel reassured because this means they can continue drinking their favorite cup of joe without worrying about if it's bad for them and their heart's well-being.

Coffee beans are not just caffeine. There are over 100 compounds that effects your body. The rich antioxidants in these tasty little berries can do wonders for your health! Coffee is associated with improving metabolism, decreasing inflammation and oxidative stress, as well blocking fat absorption by interrupting signals from receptors that relate to abnormal heart rhythms. All things you might need to live a healthier life.

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So it looks like we can all breathe a little easier – coffee is officially good for our hearts! And as an added bonus, drinking coffee may also help us live longer. Of course, quality counts when it comes to coffee, just as with anything else in life. Make sure to choose a high-quality roast to give you the most health benefits and the best flavor. Drink up and enjoy!