7 Easy Tips To Make Your Coffee Healthier

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7 easy tips to make your coffee healthier

Coffee is one of the most healthy drinks the average coffee drinker consumes. That is, if you're drinking your coffee black.

But, like most, you probably don't. 

Adding artificial sweeteners, sugar or creamer is more common than not, and in an instant, your cup of coffee is not so healthy anymore.

But coffee is much more delicious with something in it - I get it!

So, here's a list of 7 ways you can make your coffee healthier but still delicious.

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1. Remove artificial sweeteners & refined sugar

We can agree that the worst ingredients to put in your coffee are sweeteners and sugar. 

Their negative effects on our bodies, such as headaches, mood swings, fatigue, and obesity, are only the tip of the iceberg.

But it turns your coffee into more of a desert, and it's hard to resist.

Fortunately, there are healthier options, as you'll see below.

2. Add Cinnamon

Adding one of the healthiest spices to your coffee will not only make for a delicious flavor but also enhance your coffee with a ton of health benefits. Now you can enjoy those delicious coffee drinks from popular shops at home, but now they are healthy!

Cinnamon has many health benefits such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antidiabetic, and cardiovascular disease-lowering.

It's also been reported to have activities against neurological disorders, such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases.

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3. Pick quality brands with organic beans

Choosing a brand with high-quality organic beans is key to improving the health aspects of your coffee. Why?

Because non-organic beans are heavily sprayed with pesticides which you don't want to have in your cup of coffee.

4. Add Cacao

Another one of the most healthy spices is cacao. Adding some into your coffee grounds or sprinkling some on top is not only delicious but full of healthy benefits.

Check out our blog post on brewing Spicy Coffee for instructions on a delicious and healthy recipe!

Its benefits include reduced blood pressure and increased vascular benefits, and helps improve mental performance and brain function. Cacao can also help stabilize your mood and reduce your risk of diabetes.

Oat milk for Humblemaker Coffee

5. Use Oat Milk

Oat milk is not only delicious but filled with vitamins and high in fiber, making it a perfect substitute for whole milk or creamer. 

It contains no saturated fats like whole milk and has a sweeter taste, allowing you to drink a sweeter cup of coffee without adding sugars.

Plus, it's dairy and gluten-free, perfect for vegans or those with allergies!

6. Brew a Golden Latte

There are endless amounts of delicious recipes for Golden Lattes with coffee. They're equally as tasty as healthy, containing ingredients like turmeric, honey, and black pepper. All are known to contain lots of health benefits!

It's common to heat it on the stove, mixing all the ingredients (except coffee) in a pot and pouring it into a cup. Then add some coffee to the cup, whisk and serve - tasty!

7. Choose whole beans

Just like anything that's grown, coffee beans break down when it's exposed to oxygen and moisture. 

Oxygen and moister are also the enemy to the healthy antioxidants contained in coffee beans.

When you choose whole beans, you get to keep the benefits in coffee because you can brew and drink it straight after grinding it.

Healthier coffee blog whole beans

The essential ingredient in coffee!

The beans are obviously one of the most important ingredients when brewing coffee, water being the other one.

But which beans you pick is way more important than you might think.

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We're big fans of being healthy; you might have noticed by now ;)

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