Ethiopia Sidamo
Beautifully sweet with a bright finish. Light roast. Medium-bodied with ...
Bali Blue Moon
A lusciously syrupy, full flavored cup. Dark roast, full-bodied with not...
Alabama Hills
Our easy-drinking, house favorite blend. Medium roast. South America. R...
Tanzania Mbeya
A lively, refreshing, and fruity cup. Light roast. Medium-bodied with no...
Nicaragua Esteli
Exceptionally mild with a luxuriously smooth mouth feel. Medium roast. M...
Cerro Gordo
Our most popular espresso blend. Dark roast. Central America and Africa....
Colombia Medellin
The perfectly balanced, lovingly dependable daily driver. Medium roast, ...
Kenya Nyeri
A fun, bright, lemony superstar – a cure for the common cup. Light roast...
In partnership with TACA (The Autism Community in Action) this custom-b...
El Dorado
Our uncompromising, modern espresso blend. Dark roast. Africa. Full-bodi...
Sumatra Mandheling
The rich and earthy, big bodied legend. Dark roast. Full-bodied with not...
Uganda Sipi Falls
An unexpectedly well-rounded, high-altitude exotic. Medium roast. Medium...
Cottonwood Creek Decaf
A bold Swiss water decaf that will make you question if you’re actually ...




“Thanks for the coffee every month. I like it better than anything out there. I'm a single Dad who has a 13 yr old. Love what you guys are doing.”— Brian S.