Resistance is Futile: Genetics Pre-ordain Your Coffee Urges

May 25, 2021

From the "I KNEW it, someone prove it" files comes this bean of Coffee Truth:

Your genetics drive your coffee desires.

A study of more than 390,000 coffee drinkers -- no small sample size -- by researchers at the University of South Australia found a cause-and-effect  response between your cardio health and your coffee consumption.

According to news website SciTechDaily, the research team found that people with high blood pressure, angina, and arrhythmia were more likely to drink less coffee, decaffeinated coffee or avoid coffee altogether compared to those without such symptoms, and that this was based on genetics.  

The article includes some interesting quotes from the researchers about how coffee lovers self-regulate what they drink and why -- read on, and you'll come way saying "I KNEW it."