Coffee Can Boost Your Health and Wellness

April 14, 2021

Hey Humblemaker Family: you probably won't be surprised to learn that coffee has some major health and wellness benefits.

Humblemaker Coffee co-founder Chris Smith loves lists, and he loves Good Housekeeping -- the magazine, the website, and the practice.

So he couldn't help but share a recent post that outlines 12 ways coffee can be good for you. 

Here are our 5 favorite:

  1. Are you an emo? I'm an emo. And it turns out that coffee can help regulate your emotions. Several research reports found that regular coffee drinkers have reduced risk of depression, in some cases by as much as 33%.
  2. Coffee can be heart-healthy. Research shows that people who drink 3 to 5 cups a day have reduced risk of clogged arteries and heart attacks. 
  3. Work it out. One cup of coffee before a workout helps improve your workout endurance, and can make the workout feel easier and more enjoyable while helping you to trim your calorie intake the rest of the day.
  4. See the anti-oxidant benefits. Coffee is one of the best dietary sources of chlorogenic acids and other antioxidants -- and they help reduce vision loss, blindness, and glaucoma as you age.
  5. Metabolic boost. Black coffee is the most beneficial, helping to kick-start your metabolism and also reduce Type 2 diabetes.

Which Humblemaker Coffee or Wellness Cold Brew is best for you, and your health? Try them and see. 


There's so much more good news about coffee in the full post.