Summer: Camping With the Kids -- and Coffee

July 13, 2021

Afar Magazine just put up a great summer list: "10 Great Places to Go Glamping With Kids in the U.S."

Getting outdoors -- camping or glamping, surfing or fishing, hiking or biking -- that's what we're all about at Humblemaker Coffee.

So we couldn't agree more that the best thing to do is get out with the kids, wherever you are. No kids? No problem -- get on out there anyway.

And be sure to take your favorite Humblemaker wellness craft roast or cold brew with you.

By the way, #1 on Afar's list is one of our favorites: El Capitan Canyon just above Santa Barbara. Went there with my young son and grandpa once he decided he didn't want to camp on the ground anymore, and we had a blast hiking, ocean kayaking, feasting on camp food and bonding over tall tales.