Spooky! Cerro Gordo is a Top 10 California Ghost Town

May 19, 2021

Hey, did you hear? Travel site California Crossings named Cerro Gordo one of the Top 10 Best Ghost Towns in California.

Why's a ghost town making it in our Coffee Notes blog?

Cerro Gordo!

Just so happens that our Cerro Gordo roast is our most popular espresso blend coffee. 

How's that for spooky coincidences?

Well, it's no coincidence at all. We named our roast blends in homage to The Journey. They are some of our favorite California travel destinations. Places we go to get away, and get back in touch.

Ready for some Cerro Gordo truths? 

Cerro Gordo roast: Dark roast blend of beans from Central America and Africa. Full-bodied with notes of dark chocolate, molasses, and citrus.

Cerro Gordo, California: An abandoned silver mining town tucked between the tallest mountain in the continental United States — Mount Whitney — and the lowest point in North America, Death Valley. During its heyday in the mid-late 1800s, it's believed to have produced half a billion dollars worth of silver.