Brits Tout Coffee's Health Benefits

July 02, 2021

The BBC - British Broadcasting Corp. - is touting the health benefits of coffee to its audience of tea drinkers.

In a post on its "future" section, the BBC ticks the boxes on plenty of upsides to drinking coffee:

  • Studies show an association between drinking coffee and a lower severity and recurrence of colon cancer.
  • A reduced risk of fatal heart disease, strokes, and cancer in a study of a half-million Europeans over 16 years -- consistent with study findings in the U.S. and other countries.
  • Antioxidants found in all coffees - decaf and fully caffeinated - help override some other risky behaviors such as smoking and following unhealthy diets.

The post goes on to tick through some perceptions about health risks associated with over-consuming caffeine, as well.

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