10 Questions With ... Per Welinder

April 20, 2021

Today we're talking with Per Welinder about passions, pursuits, progressions -- and coffee. He is a general partner in WelinderShi Capital, and has a legendary career in board sports, starting as a pro skateboarder and partner in Birdhouse Skateboards.

What was your first experience with your passion?
Perhaps not the first but very memorable - skating on the strand in Hermosa Beach.

When and how do you incorporate your passion into your daily wellness routine?
Jump on my cruiser from time to time here in my neighborhood – going for some fast turns with loose trucks.

Where’s your favorite place to spend time outdoors in California?
Catalina Island.

What’s your most memorable outdoor experience?
Besides getting married at the San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito? I have to say it was this one time, in the middle of the night on Catalina Island. I carried my son Lukas on my shoulders (he was only 3 at the time), it was late at night, we were walking, it was pitch black with the exception of some moon light. All of a sudden, maybe only 20 feet in front of us stood this massive buffalo. I stopped in my tracks and slowly started walking backwards to avoid spooking this big animal until I felt it was safe to turn around and get to a safer place as fast I could with my son on my shoulders.

What’s your favorite way to drink coffee? Hot or cold brew? 
French Pressed with butter and MCT oil, ice-cold, shaken not stirred. 

Do you drink espresso, or drip coffee? 

Do you take it with cream, sugar, or straight black? 
I carry stevia with me at all times.

What’s your current home brewing setup? 
French Press and blender and a couple of Nespresso machines. 

What’s your all-time vintage favorite — car, truck, board, music, art? 
1983 DeLorean (electrified)!

If you had to pick: Mountains, beach, or desert?