Homemade Cold Brew With French Press

Cold brew Coffee from french press

Delicious homemade Cold Brew made simple!

Brewing your own Cold Brews at home can feel complicated with all the equipment and long hours.

But what if I told you that it could be effortless, and the only thing you would need is a French Press?

Can you even go one summer without at least one cup of Cold Brew?

For coffee lovers like us, it's a no.

Enjoying good coffee and summer days goes hand in hand, so we wanted to simplify the cold brew process for you.

There are a few weeks left of summer, so let's make the most out of them with our delicious and simple homemade French Press Cold Brew Guide!

A day by the beach with Humblemaker

Step 1 - Pick your beans!

Depending on which beans you pick, your brew will taste differently.

Some swear by a dark roasted bean, and some by a light roast, but the real trick is to pick one with a rich and bold flavor profile.

Pick one of our bold flavored beans and choose between a lusciously syrupy cup Bali Blue Moon or a fruity explosion Ethiopia Sidamo.

Whole Bean Coffee From Ethiopia Sidamo

Step 2 - The correct measurements

Ultimately this comes down to personal preference, but if you're unsure what you like, you can use these measurements as your guideline.

Begin with a 7:1 water to coffee ratio, which looks like this:

-5.3 oz (150g) of coffee

-4.5 cups (1050ml) of water

It's important that your coffee grind size is coarse because it will reduce the amount of coffee residue in your finished cup.

How to measure Whole Bean Coffee

Step 3 - Brewing time

It's time to pour it all into your French Press.

Begin with the coffee and finish with the water.

All the beans must come in contact with the water.

Grab a tablespoon and lightly push it on top of your beans until everything is wet.

Once you're done, put the lid on top of your French Press but DO NOT plunge it.

Put your entire French Press into your refrigerator, still with the plunger untouched! And let it sit 12-24 hours.

The brewing time depends on your personal preference and how you want your coffee to taste.

The less time you let it sit, the lighter of a cup you'll brew.

The more time you let it brew, the heavier of a cup you'll get.

Brewing Cold Brew Coffee with French Press

Step 4 - Pour & Enjoy!

Finally, your delicious cup of Cold Brew awaits!

It's time to press that plunger slowly to the bottom.

Pour your coffee into another container because it will continue to brew otherwise.

You can save it in your refrigerator to enjoy for 2-4 days!

Grab a glass, add some ice cubes and pour yourself a cup of delicious coffee.

Top it off with your preferred milk, or enjoy it as it is.

Cold Brew Coffee in glass

The importance of picking quality beans

There's nothing as essential as picking high-quality beans if you want to brew great coffee.

If you're subscribed to our email list, you've heard us talk about this before.

There are many aspects to brewing a delicious cuppa joe, and organic, freshly roasted, premium beans are some of them.

Your coffee beans will quickly go stale after roasting, making it essential to look at the roast date.

The average bag of beans sits on the shelf 3 months after being roasted, which lowers the chance of a great cup of coffee.

Specialty Grade Whole Bean Coffee From Humblemaker Coffee

At Humblemaker Coffee, we ensure you receive freshly roasted beans every time!

How? Because we roast your beans after you've placed your order and ship them out to you immediately after the roasting process is done.

Try a bag of Humblemaker Coffee and taste the difference!

We're confident you'll not be going back to stale & bitter coffee ever again. 

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