Humblemaker's TACA Roast Makes "All The Coolest" List

May 18, 2021

Website Gear Patrol wrapped up April's "Coolest" home products and wrapped Humblemaker's TACA roast right into their list.

TACA is a collab with The Autism Community in Action, a cause that's at the heart of all we do at Humblemaker.

We launched the roast in April and that month donated 100 percent of all TACA roast sales to TACA. Going forward, $1 from every Humblemaker sale, of every product, goes to TACA.

So what did Gear Patrol think?

"This coffee isn't just all about doing good — it's a good coffee in and of itself with notes of dark chocolate, vanilla bean and caramel," they wrote. Check out the full article.

And check out TACA roast - we describe it as a custom-blended melange with cupping notes of dark chocolate, creamy caramel, and fresh vanilla bean.