Humblemaker's New Roasts Get Rave Review

November 02, 2020

Humblemaker Coffee's portfolio of 12 new roasts sparked a rave notice from, a coffee review website.

"As a coffee lover, it's easy to get excited about what the roasting geniuses over at Humblemaker have come up with," reviewer Don H. wrote.

And he loved the new look, too.

"The company has also upgraded their packaging to reflect a more streamlined and modern look. While I appreciated the simplicity of their previous design, I can say the new packaging more accurately reflects the quality of their coffee," Don H. wrote.

Our philanthropy caught his eye as well.

"Beyond just delivering incredibly high quality coffee, the company continues to be committed to an even bigger purpose. 10% of all Humblemaker Coffee's sales go toward helping children and families with autism," he wrote.

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