Authority Mag on Medium Lauds Humblemaker's Mission

January 05, 2021

Yitzi Weiner, a positivity influencer for Authority Magazine, took time to laud Humblemaker co-founders Chris Smith and Bryan Marseilles for their commitment to give back.

In a post published on Medium, Weiner noted how Humblemaker and our co-founders are "Social Impact Heroes ... Helping to Change to Change Our World."

"The organization is designed to raise funds that are distributed directly to a network of autism-based nonprofits and to Humblemaker-sponsored events developed for children on the autism spectrum," Weiner write.

"These specially tailored events are therapy-based — giving children living with autism the ability to experience a new world: discover the ocean & nature, enjoy music, and interact with peers of “typical” development. These unique peer interactions not only foster positive role modeling for children with autism, but simultaneously build self-confidence and encourage leadership skills with the “typical” children that participate," he wrote.

You can read the full article here.