4 MashUp LA Bloggers and their Humblemaker Coffee

November 16, 2020

MashUp LA held another virtual event in early November, and four of the bloggers online bumped their Humblemaker to the (virtually) assembled masses.

The night was billed as a Covid networking event for social media influencers. All told, the four bloggers who featured Humblemaker pull in 22.7 million social media followers, so it was a great night for getting our cold brews and whole beans exposed to more people.

Do you follow any of these influencers? Here are their handles, and screen shots of their night with Humblemaker.

@judyelle is a fashion and lifestyle infulencer on Instagram.

@xixiyang is an entertainment & lifestyle journalist and influencer on Instagram.

@zia.dominic is a fashion and travel influencer on Instagram.

@dianamarksofficial is a luxury brands and experiences influencer on Instagram.