Autism is part of my journey.

Through my own experiences, I’ve discovered that children with autism can benefit significantly from traditional therapies such as ABA, but they can also THRIVE in the outdoors. That’s why Chris and I founded #tenforautism – a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to share our passions of surfing, music, and the great outdoors with the autism community. 

We’ve committed to donate 10% of Humblemaker’s annual net profits to support autism by contributing not only to TenforAutism – but also a network of other autism related charities and organizations.

My name is Bryan Marseilles and I'm co-founder of Humblemaker Coffee Co.. I have two beautiful sons on the autism spectrum – my inspiration for Humblemaker and so much more. They are not only my life’s greatest achievement, but they have given me the courage to reach out to others touched by autism - to share my story, my experiences, and help inspire them to get outside. 

So know that with every purchase you make at Humblemaker, with every cup of coffee you enjoy with us, you're helping us fulfill our mission. 

Thank you for joining us - For the Journey.