Bright White Hemp Milk Latte - 4 pack

A dairy-free cold brew latte that's sure to knock your socks off.  Our cold brew perfectly blended with non-GMO hemp milk and just the right amount of organic cane sugar. 4 pack of glass bottles.  Twist-off crown. Fresh, unpasteurized. Keep refrigerated.

 Ingredients: water, fresh roasted organic coffee, hemp milk, organic cane sugar

Humblemaker cold brews are made using only the highest quality, responsibly sourced, fresh roasted organic coffees. Our proprietary process is cold from start to finish - closely regulating brew temperature and brew time to ensure ideal extraction and flavor. We then gently filter, yielding a perfectly balanced, full-bodied and boldly flavorful cold brew. Our premium ingredients and cut-no-corners-attitude allow us to deliver you the finest quality finished product possible.

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