Pasadena Waldorf School - Poehlman Roast

Humblemaker Coffee Co. is proud to give back 25% of sales to Pasadena Waldorf School to help raise funds to support PWS and its student programs. A custom, fresh roasted, Guatemalan single-origin “Poehlman Roast” is available as a monthly subscription that keeps busy parents caffeinated!

THE ORIGINAL POEHLMAN ROAST is medium roasted that provides a mild cup with tasting notes include nutty hints of milk chocolate, hazelnut toffee, and a mild sweet toffee aftertaste. These Caturra varietal beans are grown between 1400 – 1700 meters on a small farm in the Antigua region of Guatemala.

Due to the unique roasting profile of each individual order, please allow at least a week for us to customize, prepare and ship your first coffee order. 

HUMBLEMAKER BASICS Keep it Fresh!! Use your coffee as close to the roast date as possible. Always store your whole bean in a cool, dark place, in an airtight container.

DIAL IN THE TEMPERATURE - Use filtered water at 195°-205° F.

KEEP IT CLEAN - Coffee naturally contains oil. Wash your brew equipment after each use to keep foul flavors away.

RULE OF THUMB - Use approximately 1.8g (about 1/4 tbsp) of coffee per ounce of water. Adjust to taste.

GRIND IT RIGHT - Use the proper grind size for your brew method, we suggest a drip method for this grind.

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