HMCC - Cold Brew Highball Glass
HMCC - Cold Brew Highball GlassHMCC - Cold Brew Highball Glass

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Whether you fill this with cold brew or beer from your favorite brewery our classic 16 oz barware glass has you covered.

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We're on a journey to create coffee products and beverages for wellness minded people who share our passion for the active outdoor lifestyle.

Our functional beverages are zero sugar and contain natural ingredients and organic coffee. We're disrupting the market with our innovative approach to functional coffee and unique brick & mortar shop experiences.

We draw inspiration from the pioneering spirit of our home state of California: from colorful surf culture to the endless wilderness of the Sierra. Our mission is not just to create craft premium coffee, but to shape an incredible future for children living with autism through opportunities to experience surfing, music, and the great outdoors.

Over each peak, and through each valley - to join you on life's biggest adventures.

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